Commercial Title Insurance

Commercial Title Insurance

The success of your client’s business rests on strong foundations — vision and investment, as well as earth and concrete. The properties that support your client’s business face unique challenges and unexpected hurdles. Your clients deserve expert solutions and unmatched service to meet them. CTIC title insurance protects your client’s real estate assets against unexpected losses while providing the custom-fit care and service your client’s business deserves. Let CTIC protect that business’s foundations so your clients can focus on the growth and success that put their business on top.


  • Our expert underwriters’ intimate local knowledge lets them tackle any challenge or specialized need, anywhere in Canada
  • Unbeatable coverage meets unmatched value to create the best way of protecting your clients and their business from the unexpected
  • With policies backed by one of the largest title insurance companies in North America, you and your clients can enjoy unmatched peace of mind

Whether you’re starting up your business or looking to expand, you need to protect yourself from risk. Without title insurance, your commercial property is vulnerable to sudden expenses from compliance issues, and losses from fraud or identity theft. The small premium can pay huge dividends, saving you valuable time and resources with custom entitlements to suit even the most specific needs. Let CTIC help you focus on doing what you do best: growing your business.


Chicago Title offers a comprehensive commercial loan policy coverage with 14 Covered Risk contained in the Policy Jacket and over 40 endorsements available to meet every need of your commercial transactions.

Some of these endorsements include:

  • Government Response
  • Work Orders and Compliance
  • Post Policy Fraud
  • Construction

In the commercial space, customization is our specialty!  We insure a variety of different interests and types of properties such as Indigenous lands, mining interests and energy projects.   We have tailored endorsements to address the specificities of these unique transactions. 


Even the best title opinion does not protect a lender against:

Defense Costs — Legal costs incurred in the defense of any risk insured under the policy are included with every policy.  This is over and above the Amount of Insurance.

Survey/Real Property Report Errors — Title insurance covers issues that should have been revealed or an error in the Survey/Real Property Report.

Known Defects — Transactions can close on time even with defects or issues that will be insured over by title insurance.

Mistakes in Searches — Searches may be conducted with quasi-governmental authorities, but we are seeing an increasing number of errors.  There is coverage if the search results are inaccurate.

Opinion Errors — Title insurance is no-fault insurance, no need to commence a lawsuit against anyone to recover a loss for a risk covered under the policy.   Upon proof of loss, the claim is paid.

Forgery, Fraud and Impersonation — These issues can cause a mortgage to be invalid or enforceable, but often are not foreseeable.  Title insurance protects a Lender from such losses.

Gap Coverage — Protection against intervening registrations between the advance of funds and registration.


Our title solutions provide evidence of title and insure real property ownership, the cornerstone to a safe and successful real estate transaction.

Our PPSA PLUS insurance is tailored to protect a commercial lender’s security interest in non-real estate collateral, including asset-based loans, equity pledges, mixed collateral transactions, project finance/energy loans, mezzanine financing, portfolios and more.

A tax-deferred exchange is a simple strategy that involves exchanging one like-kind property tor another for a deferred tax gain treatment.  We provide best-in-class Qualified Intermediary services through IPX for the proper acquisition and relinquishment of properties according to section 1031 of the IRC.

The Tax Verification service offers a quick and simple solution to the process of ordering a Tax Certificate.

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