Residential Title Insurance

Residential Title Insurance

Home means so much more than shelter. For your clients, home represents security, stability, and the most significant investment they will ever make. Protect that investment with title insurance. A good title insurance policy can defend homeowners from the pitfalls of property ownership, letting them, and you, proceed with peace of mind.  Your clients rely on you to find them the most secure coverage for the best value. Let CTIC help you make good on that trust.


  • Our expert underwriters’ intimate local knowledge lets you proceed with confidence, no matter where in Canada your clients are looking to buy
  • Small, one-time premiums let any homeowner enjoy the benefits of our unmatched coverage and customizable endorsements
  • A streamlined, non-bureaucratic company structure lets us flexibly address any need, all while backed by one of the largest insurance companies in North America


  • Single-family dwelling
  • Condo
  • Bi-generational property
  • Cottage, a seasonal property or a cabin
  • Multi-family apartment building comprising 2 to 6 units
  • Vacant Land destined for residential use
  • Mobile homes

If the property type you are looking to title insure is not listed above, please contact us.


For a competitive, one-time premium, an owner’s title insurance policy provides protection for the purchaser or the existing owner of residential real estate property against fraud and title defects.

The policy remains in effect for as long as the owner retains an interest in the property, offering our insureds comfort that title is protected now and for years to come.

A title insurance policy helps simplify the real estate transaction. This insurance provides unparalleled protection to the purchaser of a property, if only for the protection offered against residential real estate fraud.

Title insurance is complementary to the legal opinion obtained for a real estate transaction.  Title insurance provides coverage that goes beyond what can be offered by a legal opinion and offers an extremely quick claim process for an insured, without having to initiate a complaint or legal action against professionals involved in the transaction.

Our Transaction Protection Endorsement (TPE) is the superior coverage in the market because it provides your clients with actual coverage for losses suffered due to covered errors arising during their transaction. It is no fault coverage for our insured and indirectly protects the legal professionals, as a result.


TPE coverage covers the insured directly and provides legal professionals with indirect but incredibly valuable protection from claims arising from real estate transactions.

  • There is no requirement for a client to make a claim to the law society against the legal professional.
  • There is no need for the legal professional to pay a deductible to the law society for a claim against him/her.
  • Your client won’t need to retain and pay for counsel for a claim against you.
  • Clients won’t need to be involved, potentially for years, in a claim against a legal professional.
  • Legal professionals won’t lose a client because they have a claim against them.

Whether you’re a first-time buyer or an experienced homeowner, your property needs protecting. Sudden expenses can come anytime, from your town ordering a repair, to a thief stealing your identity. Only title insurance can fully safeguard your home. The coverage lasts for as long as the property is yours, and our team stands ready to tackle any need in communities across Canada.

No matter what life throws at you or your home, a title insurance policy lets you rest easy, knowing CTIC has your back.

Chicago Title’s insurance representatives are available at any time to provide you with the information you need to make an informed decision.


The consumer can communicate directly with Chicago Title to speak with one of our certified damage insurance representatives. The notary or lawyer mandated by their client to order title insurance can access the secured online ordering system by clicking on Login at the top of this page.

Warning about the consequences of misrepresentation: A false statement to Chicago Title could result in a denial of insurance coverage.


For a competitive, one-time premium, a loan title insurance policy provides protection for the mortgage or hypothecary lender of residential real estate properties against fraud, title defects, survey matters and so much more.

At Chicago Title we work closely with the legal community and business partners to build creative solutions which provide the right protection based on the requirements of the individual transaction.

The policy remains in effect for as long as the mortgage or hypothec is registered on title.

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